BSoD is because rootkit, not MS10-015 hotfix

The hotfix MS10-015, which announced on 2010/2/9, was leaded to many BSoD situations.

Many users and companies complained and pending the hotfix deploy temporary.


After the test by MSRC, they found that the BSoD is not because this hotfix.

The true reason is because the rootkit named “Alureon”.


On MSRC they listed the debug processes. Basically,

If the user infected Alureon virus and then install MS10-015 hotfix, the BSoD occurred.

But if user install MS10-015 hotfix first then infected Alureon virus, then BSod won’t happen.



I think it’s really hard working to find out the real problem about BSoD,

especially it’s a rootkit virus. And after this report announce,

I think it’s about time to deploy this hotfix in company or enterprise environment.

However it’s also need to test more carefully in pre-deploy phase.





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